Data Storage

Data storage is key to most features in Engage. Without storing data, we can't process it and thereby we cannot produce insights in analytics, feed agorithms for personalization or send your data to any third party applications.

Deactivated data storage

By default, data storage is deactivated in Engage. This mode ensures that Engage do not store or process any data until you have activated and thereby approved data storage. You may turn off data storage at any time to stop Engage from collecting and processing data.

Activated data storage

To start using all features in Engage, you need to activate data storage. Data storage requires that you have provided billing information since this will start data processing within Engage. You are not charged anything for the basic subscription and can still use Engage free of charge on the lower quotas.

To activate data storage, head to the team settings and tick the checkbox for data storage.


Will turning of data storage ensure compliance with privacy regulations?

No, you may still run integrations that require consent in accordance to current privacy regulations.