Getting started

What is Engage?

Engage is a smart data analytics platform that manage the complete data collection for site owners. The data is used for improved operations, insights and personalization. Using Engage, a site owner gets all the tools required to drastically enhance the results of everything from Conversion Rate and ROAS to automation and reduced manual labor.

For e-commerce clients, Engage offers an industry solution that activates profound features designed to support store owners in optimizing their online business.

The platform consist of four main areas, Data Collection, Data Integration, Analytics and Personalization all designed to help client organizations become more data driven.

Even though there is a lot of different features within the platform to select from, clients can pick and chose features that fulfills their needs.

Quick start

Create an account

To follow this tutorial you need to have an account with us, and your Engage API key. If you haven't already, complete the following steps before you begin.

  • Create an Engage account here
  • Log in and find your API key at the top of the dashboard

Install dependencies

To install, add the following code to your page header.


<script type="text/javascript">const TRACKER_KEY="[ADD YOUR TRACKER KEY]";window.zlt_queue||(window.zlt_queue=[]),window.zlt_queue2||(window.zlt_queue2=[]),window.zlt=function(){},window.zlt.rec=function(u,w){w={p:u,d:w};window.zlt_queue2.push(w)},zlt.track=function(u,w){var n={};n[u]=w,window.zlt_queue.push(n)};</script>

<script async src=""></script>

All done! You can now use the basic features of Engage. Within a few hours the charts and statistics will be populated with data. But you can check out the realtime report already now.