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Effortlessly enhance your store performance

Engage is a ready made AI extension for e-commerce stores designed to increase revenue and improve customer insights. 

  • Boost order value: Increase cross- and upsell revenue
    using AI-powered product recommendations
  • Simple, yet powerful: Tightly integrated with your favourite
    e-commerce platform. Get started in a heartbeat.
  • Manage multiple stores: Engage is now available for
    agencies that manage multiple client stores.


Product recommendations that engage the customer and drive revenue. On average, up to 5% of our customers revenue can be directly attributed to our recommendations. And up to 15% of all customers interact with the recommendations prior to purchase.




Orders boosted


Of revenue

Power your product recommendations<br> with <i>engage</i> Power your product recommendations<br> with <i>engage</i>
Power your product recommendations<br> with <i>engage</i>

Power your product recommendations
with engage

Product recommendations are becoming an essential part of e-commerce stores. Not only to solve the task of putting the right product in front of the right customer, but also to improve the store navigation for customers browsing things they are, or could be, interested in. Recommendations help you drive revenue through cross-selling and up-selling, but it also drives revenue by increasing the customer experience on your site. Our recommendations drive an increase in revenue that is often noticeable within a few weeks, along with increase in engagement and time spent on store.

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