Realtime analytics

The realtime analytics dashboard provides essential traffic insights in realtime.

Map view

A realtime world map view of your visitors that refresh every 30 seconds.


The city of the visitor.


The country of the visitors.


The referral website.

Current page

The current page viewed.

Not all visitors leaves a trail.

The map only shows visitors where we could detect the location. Hence, sometimes not all visits are counted in the map.


Bot traffic

Engage automatically removes known bots from the report to increase the data quality for you. Bots may however still be present in the data as we may fail to detect new or unknown ones.

Privacy considerations

Cookies and PII

This feature use the following cookies and personally identifiable information (PII):

Cookie-zl_usiA random Client (browser) identifier, set to expire after 30 minutes.
PIIClient IPUsed as back up in analytics when the UUID is not available.
PIICountryUsed to present location based statistics.

Regulatory compliance

We work hard to stay transparent around data privacy and protection. To help our customers with regulatory compliance and transparency towards their users, we have documented all data usage within our platform from a data privacy perspective, and provided recommendations on how to use our platform in a compliant way. Start here .