LinkedIn Pixel

Effortlessly setup and send your data to LinkedIn.

Setup website tracking

Improve your ads performance with the LinkedIn Pixel integration. The LinkedIn Pixel optimizes your LinkedIn Ads with event and conversion tracking, and enables remarketing.


  • Log into your Engage account
  • Go to Data Platform > Integrations and select the LinkedIn Pixel
  • Set your LinkedIn Pixel ID and select the events to be included

Get the required credentials

LinkedIn Pixel ID

  • Log into your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account
  • Open the Account Assets dropdown and select Insight Tag
  • Within your JS tag you'll find your Pixel ID
  • Look for the linkedin_data_partner_id variable

Privacy considerations

Cookies and PII

We do not collect any data or set any cookies particularly for this feature. But LinkedIn does, read more about it in the link below.


Regulatory compliance

We work hard to stay transparent around data privacy and protection. To help our customers with regulatory compliance and transparency towards their users, we have documented all data usage within our platform from a data privacy perspective, and provided recommendations on how to use our platform in a compliant way. Start here .