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Merchandising ultimatley comes down to displaying the right products, at the right time, for the right customer. Succesfully doing so will increase the chance of a purchase, may it be an upsell, helping the customer to find the right product or additional sales using bundles. A modern store should use all available techniques to improve the conversion rates and average order value.

Product page recommendations

Among the most commonly known ways to boost the conversion rate is to display product recommendations on the product page. This helps customers to find what they are looking for even if the main product wasn't exactly right for them. This is a useful method when customers arrive to a store from Google or social media ads.

Cart & Checkout add-ons

Recommending additional products in cart or in checkout based on what the customer already added to the cart is an effective way to increase the average order value and get a bit more revenue from the customer. Propose products that goes well with one or more of the items already added to cart to present smart recommendations that also improves the customer experience.

Product bundles

Promote a curated collection of complementary products that boost the average order value and the shopping experience. Automatically generate a related products bundle and manually adjust the items included as you see fit.

Collection sorting

Promote the right products in your collections and push down products that are out of stock or less likely to sell. Collection sorting is perfect to bury out of stock products until they are back in stock and to boost sales of the best selling products.


Make the most from your customer visits and make sure you did everything possible to attract that purchase. Merchandising with is easy and automated but still leaves you in total control.

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