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Every data point collected is used to improve your ads and analyzed by our AI to provide product recommendations.

Your business runs on data

Poor data collection procedures impacts all aspects of your business. Make it right, collect 100% of your conversions.

Unlock Personalization

Create an intelligent shopping experience with our AI solutions. Boost your average order value and conversion rates.

Experience the impact of correct data.

Superpowers for Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
Good data allows for informed decision-making, helping to develop strategies based on real user interactions and preferences.
Correct your data collection automatically
Capture all conversions and user events and send better, more complete, data to your marketing and analytics tools.
better data collection
Ads performs better on good data
Capture 100% of conversions and send correct attribution data to your ad networks. Stop wasting your ad budget on poor data.

Get started quickly with our plugins for e-commerce.

With the Zubi industry solution for E-commerce, merchants can collect, analyze and use their data. Get started with our prebuilt plugins for the major e-commerce platforms.

  • Shopify

    Zubi.ai | Analytics & Merchandising is a native Shopify app to get you up and running in no time.


  • WooCommerce

    Engage for Woocommerce is a native Wordpress plugin to help you get started quickly.


Boost AOV with recommended products

Create a more engaging, efficient, and profitable online store.

Product recommendations
Increased Sales.
Personalized recommendations can significantly boost sales by suggesting relevant products to customers, leading to higher conversion rates and average order values.
Improved Customer Experience.
By providing tailored suggestions, online recommendations enhance the shopping experience, making it easier for customers to find products they love.
Enhanced Customer Loyalty.
Personalized experiences build customer trust and loyalty, encouraging repeat business and long-term customer relationships.
Data-Driven Insights.
The data gathered from customer interactions with product recommendations provides valuable insights into consumer preferences and shopping behaviors.
Reduced Cart Abandonment.
By suggesting products that align with customers' interests, online recommendations can decrease cart abandonment rates.
Increased Discoverability of Products.
Expose customers to a wider range of products they might not have found on their own, increasing the visibility of your entire catalog.

Personalized landing pages

We are pioneering personalized landing pages that are generated automatically on the product detail page when visitors arrive from ad networks such as Google or Meta Ads.


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