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Sales Attribution

Most relay on the conversion attribution reported by the ad networks to understand how their campaigns are running. But ad networks may not provide the full picture, which may have negative consequences for you.

For example, ad networks typically don't attribute purchases to the first touch if this happened outside of the current cookie session. And if they do, they are likely to attribute the full value of a conversion to that first touch since it was within the given conversion window, regardless of the true path of the conversion.

But most problematic of all is that one conversion is often attributed twice across ad networks. This happens when a customer has interacted with ads from two ad networks before making the purchase. In this case both networks will report the conversion and you will be left standing with two reported conversions and one actual.

Zubi aim to solve these issues and provide a better, and more correct, view of how your customers found you. The solution is based on three principles:

  • Count a conversion once. All conversions are credited to sources only once to avoid incorrect attribution.
  • Partial conversion credits. A conversion can, and should, be attributed to more than one source if there was more than one source involved. This requires the main model to split conversions into more than one source.
  • A complete picture. While the data driven model aims to provide a one truth view of attributions, we also provide both first touch and last touch models to highlight the two extremes.

Want to measure on campaign level? No problem.

Just make sure to use UTM parameters in your campaigns and Zubi will automatically attribute your conversions to your campaigns when applicable.

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