We’re built for better data

Our mission is to ensure that companies can leverage data, AI and ML to build better solutions, no matter their size.

We’re just getting started

At Engage we help companies achieve remarkable results.

Zubi.ai or Zubilabs AB (registered name) was founded back in 2018. Our company vision is to offer new technologies within Advanced Analytics like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as a service. We offer a low threshold path to AI optimized processes and solutions as we believe many companies would benefit from the use of the technology if the barriers to utilize it is maintained at a reasonable level, or entirely removed.

Embrace a world

with improved insights, decision making and automation without any requirements on skills in advanced analytics, statistics or data science.

Our Solutions

are deployed as services fully hosted at the zubi.ai platform that integrates seamlessly to our clients IT-landscape and applications.


enables fast deployments with minimal implementation time and does not require our customers to possess any knowledge in data science, artificial intelligence and/or machine learning.

Fully managed services

enable customers to focus on the benefits and how to best utilize them in their business.