Learn about your customers

Engage is a ready made analytics and AI extension for e-commerce built to effortlessly enhance your store performance

Engage is available for free and does not require any credit card information to get started.

Available for Woocommerce only

Product Recommendations

Help your customers to the products they want

Customer Analytics

Learn all about your customers

Customer Segmentation

Not all customers should be treated the same

Recommend relevant products to your customers

Product Recommendations

Engage provides automated product recommendations out-of-the-box. The AI-models are built, retrained and monitored by us continuously so you can enjoy the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity of understanding algorithms, model evaluation and data processing.

Let the engine work for you
A recommendation engine is a great way to increase sales, it learns about your visitors purchase patterns and serve recommendations that improves over time. All this while you and your coworkers can focus on other things.

Every customer is different, don’t treat them all the same


To help store owners improve campaign and marketing results, as well as increase understanding of their customers, engage lets you define and analyze your own customer segments, or use one of the prebuilt, to narrow down the perfect target audience for advertisements and campaigns. The segments can be exported for use in Facebook or Google audiences for targeting.

Modern and clean dashboard design

Dashboards designed to give you a good overview of the customer base, product performance and sales. Furthermore, custom segments can be defined to focus on specific groups of customers and the performance over time.


Get started today

Engage is free of charge during the entire beta period, which is expected to last throughout 2019. No credit cards needed, just sign up and explore the platform and what it can do for your store.



AI powered Product Recommendation Engine

Pre-built Customer Segments

User defined Customer Segments

Customer and Product Analytics dashboards

Automated Machine Learning

Customer and Product Data Exports

Simple, 3 minute, setup

Get started now! No credit card required

Out Of The Box Integrations

Good to know

  • We consider all data coming from your store to be your data and we will treat it as such. We keep it secure by encrypting it at time of ingestion, we never decrypt unless required by you for data exports. We mask all sensitive information shown within the platform and all your data is deleted upon account deletion. Should you ever require a data export of certain data records not yet out of the box supported on the platform, we will adhere to the request and work with you to export the data as fast and convenient as possible.

  • Your security is important to us. We encrypt data at point of ingestion to our repositories to ensure no one gets hold of your data in a readable state should a malicious attack occur. We also mask (non reversibly) your sensitive data for display within the platform. E.g. Names and phone numbers are never displayed within the platform. Data exports of decrypted data can only be made to authorised (by you) third party applications or to the email address provided at registration. 

  • Engage fetch data from standard APIs provided by the platform in question and through our tracker (if the tracker is installed and activated). In most cases, the authentication is made using a button during setup to grant access for engage to your e-commerce store or data repository. Access to your store can be revoked at any time by changing the keys provided to us during authentication.

  • We are obliged to comply with Data Privacy in general and GDPR in particular. Hence, the terms of service includes a data processing agreement that stipulates how and in which ways we may handle and govern your data, which third party companies that may be used to process your data, etc. Maybe the most important aspect of GDPR and Data Privacy is however to design for privacy. This means we should not hold data longer than necessary, we should have sufficient ways of removing data upon request or provide information of the data we hold upon request, and we should properly protect the data at all times.

  • We do not ingest any payment data such as credit card information or bank details to our platform.