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A great way to help your clients along their buyer’s journey is to present them with product recommendations based on their recent purchases and product viewing. These product recommendations don’t just add value to your brand for the customer, they also act as promotion for additional products. However, you can’t just create a list of potential products in a word doc and send them off to the client!

Every communication you have with your potential customers has to be carefully designed to both look professional and be easily digestible. Your product recommendations aren’t just about content. Your customers aren’t going to seriously consider a new product if it isn’t carefully arranged in a format that displays it effectively. If you’re wondering how to best go about offering product recommendations to your customers, the information below will give you a solid place to start.

What are product recommendations?

Product recommendations are typically generated by algorithms. These product recommendation engines are designed to present relevant product information to your customers that will encourage them to make purchases that will benefit both them and your business. These recommendations can come in a variety of formats. It can be as simple as sending out an email blast with a bestseller that is back in stock or as complex as an algorithm that shows each visitor a different set of products based on their browsing history.

Why does design matter?

The user experience is largely based on the design of your content. The way you set up your product recommendations is the digital version of a window display or a magazine ad. You would never dump a pile of clothes in a window display and walk away, nor would you send in a few camera pictures to a magazine for publication. Your product recommendations should be no different. However you might choose to present them to your clients, you should take the time to create attractive product recommendations

What are some best practices for product recommendations?

If you’re new to providing your customers with product recommendations, there are a few basic things to consider that will be used side-by-side with algorithm that analyze purchasing and browsing habits.

Showcasing your bestsellers​. In the absence of a recommendation from a similar customer profile, knowing that a product is wildly popular is a good way to provide a social stamp of approval on an item.

Show what’s trending.​ A section that shows users which items are getting the most attention at the moment helps them see what’s trending and gives them ideas for products they might not have considered previously.

Show what’s on sale​. Some customers skip the main page and go straight to the clearance section. Notifying these customers when there are new deals to be had is a great way to get them to explore your site.

If you’re looking for a way to create appealing recommendations for your customers, Engage has the answer! Our platform offers two ways for you to design effective product recommendations. Our ​Design Wizard​ is the perfect tool to create aesthetically pleasing content. It’s a simple, step by step setup with access to an advanced editing mode that allows you to create customized content depending on your customer base. If you’re looking for a professional’s input, ​contact us here​! We’d love to help you.

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