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In these days of bots and crawlers, internet users have become accustomed to personalized content. Every time they open up their favorite store’s website or log onto Netflix, there are dozens of recommendations that always seem to be spot on. These product offerings keep users coming back for more and ultimately leads to repeat business.

It might seem like witchcraft, the way the internet seems to know exactly what type of products you’re looking for before you even know it. But it’s not magic, it’s artificial intelligence. AI bots are programmed to find patterns in our activity that are so subtle that they might not be discernible to the human eye. How exactly does this work? You can find out below.

How do recommendation engines work?

Recommendation engines function primarily by examining the activity of users on your site. It tracks which pages they go to, what they click on, and identifies behavioral patterns. By analyzing these behavioral patterns, the recommendation engine is able to intuit other points of the site that might be valuable to that user and point them towards those pages.

Why do AI recommendations work so well?

It is a little frightening that a bot can guess what you want for your birthday better than your best friends might be able to! However, they do have an edge over human-generated recommendations simply because they can analyze so much data so consistently. The recommendation engine never sleeps, which means your customer’s product recommendations are being updated almost constantly. This just isn’t feasible for most humans.

Additionally, the model used to create recommendations through AI doesn’t become biased by human logic. A person looking at the data might not put together a product pairing based on the fact that it doesn’t go together according to human logic. An AI-solution doesn’t worry about rationalizing the patterns it finds in customer behavior. The engine just examines the data put in front of it.

Finally, these recommendation engines can learn as they analyze more data. They can adjust future recommendations based on historical sales data. All of this happens automatically within the AI-solution in real-time, making it much more effective than a person constantly crunching the numbers.

While nothing will ever replace the human touch in the marketing world and there are certain aspects of customer service that demand a human element, AI is the way to go when it comes to creating product recommendations. Rather than basing your recommendations on human logic, this solution will provide you with real-time data based on current customer behavior. If you’re looking for a platform that will allow you to implement an AI-solution for product recommendations, look no further than Engage! ​Our recommendation engine​ gives you all of the data you need to provide valuable recommendations to customers and increase your sales. And the best part is, it does all of the heavy lifting for you!

If you’re wondering how the Engage Product Recommendation tool will work for your business, ​contact us here​. We’d love to help you set your business up for success.

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