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For every release of Engage we strive to make the service more user friendly, so that every user, independent on skill set and experience, should be able utilize the functionalities from day one. With this in mind, we are proud to announce the release of “design wizard”, an combination of the previously released “design engine” and “quick start”. So in summary, the “design wizard” will make it possible for clients to quickly get started with product recommendations but with the benefit of designing their own layouts for product display.

First step, will guide you through the design of each element of the product recommendation. While doing so, there will be an example of what the recommendation will look like, which makes it super easy to archive the result you are looking for.

  1. General – Make your general settings for the product recommendations to be displayed, choice boarder, style and color
  2. Product Image – Select whether or not you would like the product image to be displayed within the product recommendations.
  3. Product Name and Price – Make your selections on how you would like the product name/price to be displayed, whether it should be linked and how it should be aligned.
  4. Button – Design the characteristics of the button, both visual and functional

Second step, is all about deciding on the pages to display product recommendations, number of products to be displayed and number of rows to be used.

Third step, to finalize the design of product recommendation, the user here gets the opportunity to define a title to be displayed and the backfill to be utilized. There is of course a possibility to disregard the use of backfill but this means that if no “good enough” recommendations are derived, no recommendations will be displayed. For more information, read about backfill here .

For the more advanced user, that would like to have the possibility to dig deeper into the field of design. The original functionality of the “design engine” will still be available for use and will be found by accessing “advanced editing mode”.

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