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Like in life there is always good to have a backup plan. This is exactly why Engage has a concept called “backfill” within product recommendation. This give the user a possibility to have a recommendation presented to their customers when there is no recommendations available from the recommendation engine. At the moment the following options are available for backfill.

  • Top Selling Products
  • Recently Added Products
  • Products Currently On Sale
  • Top Grossing Products
  • No Backfill (If no product recommendation from recommendation engine then no products will be displayed)

The reason for not being able to recommend any product are in almost in all cases the lack of data. This means that the recommendation engine in Engage will give a “weak score” that should not be trusted and the backfill option will be better to choice. This is of course a case-by-case process, meaning that each time a recommendation is calculated for an event the recommendation engine in Engage will give a response and based on the accuracy of the derived recommendation it will make a decision on whether to show recommended products or the “backfill” option.

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