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Engage has reached another milestone

The first planned update has been deployed and is available for both existing and new customers. Below is a high level description of the new features included in the new release.

1.Design Engine for Product recommendations

This feature gives each user the ability to design their own output for product recommendation so that it aligns with the used theme of the store. The engine is designed from the perspective that the user should not need any knowledge/experience from webdesign, meaning that it offers a “drag and drop” functionality with a one click deploy to Woocommerce.

2. Application Face-lift

From the initial release we have been working on how to make application more user friendly, cleaner and most importantly, how to prepare the interface to be ready to host future functionality. All those consideration resulted in the new interface that now can be seen in Engage.

3. New Metrics in Product recommendations

We have added more granular metrics when analyzing the performance of the product recommendation. Because of this have we changed the appearance of the statistics around product recommendation, dividing it to 2 levels of aggregation.

  1. Top Level – Shows the aggregated number of all pages and backfills
  2. Page Level – Breaks down number of displayed products into recommendations and the used backfill. Also introducing to option to use already defined cross-sell and up-sell products as backfill.

4. Shortcode generator

Engage is delivered with “out-of-the-box” product recommendations for, “Start page”, “Search Page”, “Product Page”, “Category Page”, “Cart Page”, “Mini Cart Page” and “Checkout Page”. On top of this we have developed a “Shortcode generator” that will build a shortcode that can be placed in all the places where there is a need for product recommendations.

How to get started with the new functionality?

If you are an existing customer on the Engage platform, all you need to do is to log in to Engage and download a new version of the plugin and install it in Woocommerce.

If you’re not yet a customer on Engage, then it is about time to sign up for an account and follow the workflow for setup. It is super easy and will take approximately 5 minutes. Then follows some time for us to do an initial processing of your data. We will notify you when processing is complete which means that you can start to offer your customers a personal experience at the same time having access to a toolbox that will help you increase your revenue.

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