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This blog post aims to give a short guide on how to use and create you own design for product recommendations within Engage, and how to publish those to Woocommerce.

Steps to perform within Engage…

  1. Start by selecting a template to be used, see screenshot below.

2. This step can be used when you want to use previously created designs, hence for your first template this will be empty.

3. Use the “drag-and-drop” functionality to add/remove/alter the objects within the design.

At the bottom there is a palette containing all the object that can be used within template, just select the one you want and drag it into your design. At the right are all the options that you can use to modify each object, just mark the one you would like to change and make the desired updates.

Note: The designer does not recognize the “enter key”, hence after changing a value just click somewhere in the design, don’t use “enter”.

4. After completing the design, you need to decide where, within Woocommerce, that the design should be used along with the number of products to be displayed and the backfill option to be applied. Here you have the possibility to activate all pages at once, or to take them one-by-one, maybe you want a different design for respective page.

5. The last step is to decide on a heading (if to be used), the wanted spacing between the products and to push the design to Woocommerce. If you don’t want a specific heading just leave it blank and it will be disregarded.

Steps to be performed within the Plugin in Woocommerce…

The next step, in order to get the product recommendations to be displayed, is to update the settings within the Engage plugin in Woocommerce. Confirm the following settings for each page that has been configured for product recommendation within the design engine:

  • Preferred design option is set to “Use engage design templates”
  • Select where on the page the recommendations should be displayed

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