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We’ve been hard at work the last couple of months preparing to release the first version of engage! And today we have the pleasure to announce that engage is now generally available for Woocommerce, and also free of charge during the entire beta phase!

Engage is a ready made analytics and AI extension for e-commerce built to effortlessly enhance your store and improve your customers shopping experience through greater content personalization and improved customer insights. Studies show that personalization can drive 20-30% revenue increase and improve average order value by as much as 10%. Therefore, engage provides automated product recommendations out-of-the-box. The models are built, retrained and monitored by us continuously so our customers can enjoy the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity of understanding algorithms, model evaluation and data processing. Instead you should measure the improvement in metrics that matter to you, like increased sales or improved AOV.

Get started with product recommendations

To help store owners improve campaign and marketing results, as well as increase understanding of their customers, engage lets you define and analyze your own customer segments, or use one of the prebuilt, to narrow down the perfect target audience for advertisements and campaigns. The segments can be exported for use in Facebook or Google audiences for targeting.

Did we mention that engage is currently free of charge? Read all about it here

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